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Custom Coded Website

A custom coded website is one that delivers and understands that sometimes you may need to make minor or major tweaks to your online presence. Without coding knowledge you will need an expert coder to facilitate these changes. We have the programming expertise to quickly help you out! This solution is highly recommended for small business websites and small business applications.

custom coded websiteLarger enterprises should move beyond custom coded websites and point-to-point integration. Consideration should be given to a new integration approach based on reusable, purpose-built Application Program Interfaces. They are also commonly known as API-led connectivity.

This approach facilitates plug-and-play integration and makes adding or changing systems as simple as connecting LEGO blocks. The data is connected to applications through modern, managed APIs. These APIs are easily discovered through self-service and controlled through governance.

With API-led connectivity, businesses are able to integrate data from disparate applications,  systems and devices. The data can then be used to create new applications or extract more value from existing applications.

Unlike custom-coded point-to-point integration, API-led connectivity makes change easy. This is achieved by using APIs to make connecting assets, systems, or data simple to update.  Should something need to be added, changed, or subtracted, assets can be plugged or unplugged with ease.

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